Read Along 4: E-mails

Emails are a very popular, convenient and useful means of communication. They save us time and money, and when used properly they can be a powerful tool for getting things done quickly and efficiently. However, when emails are written carelessly they have the potential of producing negative outcomes
For many of us, emails are the preferred and even default form of communication. But not all matters can be effectively dealt with via email. There are cases when one phone call or face to face meeting can quickly resolve a problem that a mile long email threadmay never be able to. 
Regardless of their field of business, most professionals have very specific expectations regarding how an email should be written. They judge the emails they receive according to those expectations and react to them based not only on their content, but also on their form, appearance and style
This means that getting what you want out of an e-mail conversation depends not only on what you write, but also on how you write. In our next Read Along we’ll share some tips with you that will help you improve the effectiveness of your emails.

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