Donald Trump

In November 2016 America will choose a new president to replace Barak Obama. Before that happens, the two major parties, the Democrats and the Republicans will each have to choose one nominee out of a long list of presidential hopefuls.

This process in which members of the same party battle it out against one another, in order to eventually elect one presidential nominee is called the primaries. The democratic reasoning behind primaries isn’t usually a source of contention, even though only party members take part in the vote, as opposed to the presidential election which is open to the general public.

However, it is interesting to see people that supposedly have a shared ideology argue passionately that their views are in the best interests of the country, while those of their opponents are dangerous for the country. During most of their career they are supposed to cooperate with one another as colleagues, but the closer we get to the primaries, the more mud we’ll see them slinging at one another.

The Democratic Party’s current nominees include Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and a few other politicians, some of which haven’t made up their mind yet, whether they want to join the race or not. In any case, they aren’t getting very much media attentiondue to the American and international focus on billionaire, turned TV star, turned politician, Donald Trump. Trump is leading in the polls in the Republican Primary race, by quite a big margin. Like him or not, his tough talking, blunt style and hisunwillingness to be politically correct have attracted almost a quarter of Republicans.

Donald Trump has basically created a media circus that for now is working in his advantage. Every time he says something outrageous or offensive, the media come rushing to get clarifications, his opponents criticize him, and the spot-light stays on him. In addition, he gets all the points for being the outsider who is indifferent to people’s expectations of him as a politician. Will this strategy win him the Republican nomination and more importantly, will it get him into The White House? We’ll just have to wait and see, but one thing you can be sure of is that the race is just warming up, so brace yourself for a lot of surprises before it’s all set and done.

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